I'm honored to reveal the innate beauty
of the person who appears in front of my lens.

Bryan Mikota

I suppose I have always had a burning desire to be a Professional Photographer. Traveling the globe and experiencing diverse cultures while living in Saudi Arabia and visiting Africa, Europe and Asia nurtured this hidden interest. Breathing in these experiences taught me that life is expansive and ever changing and opened my eyes, mind and heart.

The richness and beauty of people worldwide clearly demonstrates that life – like photography – is limitless, timeless and spontaneous, offering a distinct opportunity to create in every moment.

Connecting with a bride and groom as they celebrate a new life together, the freedom of a child at play, or the vastness of nature is a gift … and such a lot of fun.

Capturing the spontaneity of your special moments...

Although setting up each shot requires laser attention to detail, I remain undistracted by the technical requirements so my eye can listen to the heart of the subject and get the real picture. I've learned to spontaneously flow with the person in front of my camera rather than trying to force the shot in a certain way.

If done well photography gets past the subjects reticence, and gives them permission to stop and relax, so they can show up and greet the world with the gift of their presence. I'm honored when chosen to be the one who reveals the innate beauty of the person who appears in front of my lens.

I am thankful to all my clients for inviting me to capture the essence, the passion, that flows through their heart and indelibly carves these special moments into their life. These wedding and family pictures are not taken lightly. They are more than a pictorial chronology of a day's events. They are precious memories; heirlooms that define a family's history.

I invite you to peruse my online galleries and experience the memories and the fun with me.

Thank you!
Bryan Mikota